Altitude, Distances (Kms) of Bhutan

printersizedotmapofbhutanAll the major towns as well as smaller places are well connected with networks of roads in Bhutan. The motor able roads are well maintained. However the mountainous terrain and winding road restrict the average driving speed of vehicle to about 35 km per hour.Maps hasimara

 While travelling overland, there are 3 ports of entries to Bhutan via Phuentsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar. The network of roads from India as well as nearby  trains stations links well to port of entry in Bhutan. For Phuentsholing, the nearest Train station is Hasimara, which is just half an hour drive one ways to Phuentsholing there are at least 2 trains plying on this route daily, originating from Sealdah in Kolkata.India.

Currently, the road conditions is perfect and it takes half an hour at the most. Normally, theTraffic is good unless at the border town of Jaigoan in India. Another point of entry to Phuentsholing is through another train station called New Alipurduar, it is located at the distance of  54 kms from Phuentsholing and take roughly 1 hour 15 mins . Roads are in good conditions as i write this. However it tends to deteriorate during monsoon.

Map AlipurAnother port of entry is from far eastern sleepy town of Samdrup Jongkhar, which borders with Assam , India.The  distance between Samdrup Jongkar to Guwahati,(Assam) is 94 kms and take approximately 2 hrs depending on the traffic and road conditions.

Distance map

Distance map





Driving time furnished below is standard time it generally takes. However, the time is subject to road conditions and sometime to traffic also specifically in major town like Thimphu and surrounding regions of India. All major towns are well connected with networks of roads. Currently there is a domestic flight plying from Paro to Bumthang though limited to three days a week.